Saturday, September 7, 2019

New #Zombie Series: Plague Master

Plague Master Series Timeline– What’s Up with the Zombies?

By H.E. Roulo

Zombie outbreaks are a real pain. In the Plague Master series, the zombie outbreak seemed to come out of nowhere, infecting one planet and then another. Unfortunately, not much is known for certain about the disease. News reports such as this one are common:

Regulon Disease, How it Started and Where Will it End?

(Cerberon City, Cerberon)-Researchers have painstakingly tracked back stories of the undead rising from their graves, a phenomenon that appeared only at the very start of the outbreaks. Perhaps this is because each of the planets has adapted their burial methods to minimize such an event occurring again. On Hinterland, known for its unpredictable climate and mercenary forces, they cremate every body.

Early stories of undead walking may be exaggerations by people unfamiliar with the progression of the Regulon disease. This also makes it difficult to tease apart where the disease first appeared. Some say it was the backwater world of Shailon. Because it had the largest hordes of zombies, others propose it was the frozen planet of Toknan. Certainly, they were some of the first to send their infected to the poisonous planet Lindley, which would eventually hold a colony of infected.

It is interesting to note that Lindley itself was a research and mining outpost until the outbreak. There are theories the infection began there, and was deliberately spread to the other planets, since it is unlikely all the planets would be infected in such a similar timeframe by chance. This conspiracy theory is unlikely, since no one would knowingly infect the known worlds so terribly.

Although a vaccine was recently discovered, supplies are short and it is unknown what percentage of the population of each planet has been inoculated.

As always with the Regulon Disease, confusion, controversy, and finger-pointing abounds. As part of the inoculate each person must first be infected, so that the disease can be abated. Some protesters believe the cure may not be effective, while others propose it is temporary. Finally, a rare contingent of soldiers and mercenaries report seeing a new variety of zombies, and their bites are not protected by the inoculation.

Whatever the truth, we continue to fight back against the outbreak, with doctors and volunteers on every planet doing their best to quarantine and, when necessary, eliminate infected. Now that the zombies are necessary to create the cure, widespread elimination has tapered off.

We’ll report more as facts become more clear.

Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is the first book of the Plague Master series. Next up in the planned trilogy is Plague Master: Rebel Infection,  releasing September 2019.


“A perfect mix of classic sci-fi and zombie horror. Once you start, you are hooked!”
-Jake Bible, author of Little Dead Man.

Sanctuary Dome is fast-paced zombie sci-fi on a prison planet of the dying and the undead.”
-Stephen North, author of Beneath the Mask

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