Thursday, April 9, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: H for Historical Vintage Crimes

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  That's why I love hunting and doing searches as I never would've found this gem. This is a fascinating find! If you enjoy reading about historical crimes, then here's an interesting compilation based on actual vintage police and detective records. Sounds like something every crime writer and reader will want to have in their library.

Vintage True Crime Stories Vol. 1: Illustrated Anthology of Forgotten Cases of Murder & Mayhem, Dalton O' Sullivan -  The first 15 stories are taken from a rare true crime book,  Enemies of the Underworld: Embracing Sixty-Eight Stories by America's foremost Detectives, by Frank Dalton O’Sullivan. The 700-page book is a combination manual for new detectives, and true crime book featuring true stories co-authored by senior detectives and police chiefs from across the United States. Self-published in 1917, the book sold for five-dollars, the 2018 equivalent of $108--which might explain why it's nearly impossible to find a copy of it today.

Volume I contains fifteen stories from O’Sullivan’s book, while the remaining five chapters were selected from Fifty Years a Detective by Thomas Furlong, published in 1912.
Mixed in with these twenty stories are sixty-five images, fifty-two footnotes, a dozen epilogues, and ten annotations. BONUS: Volume I  has a companion webpage where readers can find more information including 116 images, and 139 pages of newspaper coverage about the crimes covered in the book.

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  1. i love crimes stories of all kind, vintage, true, fiction...whatever, bring it on
    sherry @ fundinmental


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