Thursday, September 9, 2021

What Are You Reading? I'm Reading... #pandemic #king #apocalyptic

 I have a bunch of different book posts that will be coming up soon. But for now....

Funny that the two books that come in the same time at the library are also the two largest....

(Pandemic, a whopping 677 pgs. King's Billy Summers is the usual at 514 pgs. But holy cow, this came out in August and already has over 13,000+  reviews!)  

(** Added: Finished Billy Summers - this has to be the best King book I've read in a while. No padding, no pages to skip over, great characters and twists. Really enjoyed it!!)

Pandemic  sounded good when I looked at it online. Well, reading this stuff is usually way better than real life. ha! And this has an incredible 6,400+ reviews since 2017. And King, well, being a fan, I try to keep up, though I admit a preference for the horror. So, we shall see!

Anyone read either? We'll see how it goes!

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