Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What I'm Reading #fantasy #paranormal #monsters

 What I'm Reading Next:

Love the covers on these! Just released on Kindle too:

The Love-Haight Files Book 1 and Book 2, Jean Rabe and Donald J. Bingle - 

Book 1: Supernatural beings are willing to fight for their legal rights!

Since the Summer of Love, the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco has been known for attracting weird and unconventional souls, but things got even stranger when the monsters moved in. Magic has returned to the world and with it a host of supernatural creatures—not just vampires and ghosts, but sentient gargoyles, ghouls, sprites, faeries, and more. The frightened citizenry, holier-than-thou bigots, headline-seeking reporters, and harried police refer to them as OTs (Other-Than-Humans), but Thomas Brock and Evelyn Love believe even supernatural creatures have legal rights.

Book 2:  With the return of magic to the world, how will the law evolve? Evelyn Love and Thomas Brock love the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, love the law, love representing the rights of supernatural OTs (Other-Than-Humans) who accompanied the return of magic to the world, and just might love each other, even though Thomas is a ghost. But with discrimination against OTs on the rise and the entire law office staff living under threat of death or worse, the cases are darker, the mysteries are murkier, the clients are more desperate, the stakes are higher, and the parallels to the real world are even more compelling.

Mischief  Maker, A Norse Mythology Contemporary Fantasy, Bruce Nesmith - What if Loki was never the bad guy? Loki, once a god, now nothing more than a stage magician in modern-day Chicago…But his enemies from a thousand years ago have long memories.

Victors wrote the history, and Loki was blamed for the sins of the Norse gods. They can’t let him live in peace.He has to set aside his new life to settle old grudges while coming to terms with what it means to be a man.And a god. If Loki fails, the nine realms will fall.

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