Monday, February 4, 2013

Brains anyone? The perfect zombie and anytime food...

Brains, as any zombie knows, are an every day delicacy. And for us more mortal types, they aren't just for Halloween.

Thought I'd look around and found some, er, interesting recipes, some I might not have even thought of. So, get the cooking gear out and enjoy!

 ** If you were to make any of these (c'mon admit it), what would be your choice and why?

And since we are talking brains today, here's a miniature brain necklace (1 1/2" tall)  by rudeandreckless on etsy that is actually kind of cute.

But if you really are "dying" for some brainnnnnssss, try out these recipes:

1. There's always room for Jell-o, right? Some interesting choices here like the green Frankenstein brain or yeah, the oozing brain. Yum.

2. Here's one I've never thought of.... Brain Chicken Salad - video on YouTube. (It's worth a peek just to see this woman's hat.)

3.  Got some time on your hands? How about carving a seedless watermelon to look like a brain?

4. I love avocado, but I'm not sure this Halloween Brain Dip in a cauliflower would go over too well...

5. Yup, gee how about the classic Bloody Brains and Maggots (there's a pop-up when you click)

6. A whole treasure trove of brain recipe photos

7. May be the grossest looking one, unless you are a zombie, of course - panna cotta gelatin brain mold 

8. And top it off with, mmm, a bloody brain shooter....

Hungry yet? haaa!


  1. More excellent work. I love it. x

  2. Thanks for the ideas, Halloween this year should be a goulish delight ;P