Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life to Death to Undeath, the Zombie brain...

Guess I'm on a brainnnnssss kick. ha!  Must be because I've been getting over all this cold-flu whatever  clogging up my own brain.

So before you run off and check out the graphic (and please do come back and share your comments, or comment before you go!)  thought I'd share a few random thoughts on what makes a zombie, well, a zombie.

Theories abound, of course, on what the contagion is that can cause this gross, unnatural form of reanimation. Is it a viral or bacterial mutation? An alien life form? While many do go the bacterial-viral route as I did in GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, I gave the virus a mutation. Those who are young, strong or caught in the earliest stages of infection can be treated and will only turn into part-zombies. They have special dietary needs and odd physical traits, things that can seem worse than death to a teenage girl. But to her credit, Becca survives and learns to adjust, her love of family and the goal of  protecting her cousin providing strong motivation.

Obviously, "real" zombies have no motivation except hunger as explained in this very interesting graphic over on BuzzFeed showing the Anatomy of a Zombie's Brain. Take a peek and share your thoughts.

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