Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zombies on Film - New zombie movies and zombie film fest

What's better than reading a zombie book or story? Watching a zombie movie.

Ok, maybe not always as this genre is filled with a ton of stinkers. But there are some things to take note of.

How about a Zombie Film Fest?

* If you're in Minneapolis, for fun, check out the Zombie Short Film Fest to be held May  2-4 at the Parkway Theatre and supposedly will be touring universities.... (Download the full size pic above at the site too.)

And... you can submit your short film - they are only 15 minutes long.... The top eight films are supposed to  be shown nationwide. See submission details.

** And speaking of Zombie films.... found this link on YouTube -  I haven't watched it yet, so feel free to comment or share your thoughts.

"Cost of the Living" - A Zom Rom Com  - full film

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