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Sabrina's Word Wednesday - Family

Sabrina's Word Wednesday - Family

We are going to veer off of the normal lexicon of zombie enthusiasts to pay attention to a word that usually is not associated with the living dead. 


Who will survive if the zombie apocalypse happens? While we all would hope that everyone we love would make it, there are no guarantees. 

Right now, there are a certain group of people that you consider your family. That could be your mom, dad, and siblings, or you could be the mom or dad, and consider your kids your family. You could even consider your closest friends your family, or maybe even an extended family like grandparents or aunts and uncles and cousins. 

Sadly, if some horrible, highly contagious epidemic were to sweep across the world, there are no promises as to who would be left standing. In many cases (all fiction so far, of course) families are wiped out, leaving orphans and loners who have to survive alone. 

But in my book, The Loki Variation, after the zombie apocalypse, the smart people; the survivors, end up forming families of their own. 

Sasha is a hard-headed, independent young woman, just striking out on her own, when she is confronted with the choice of saving a little girl, Nora, from a fate legitimately worse than death, or pretending she doesn't understand the gravity of the situation.

Derek is an introverted guy who just wanted to visit his favorite aunt, and get away from his boring office job for a week on vacation in Florida when he is thrown together with other survivors of the end of the world. 

Then there is Hud; a military man who doesn't joke around when it comes to survival, who teeters between trustworthy and shady, who ends up making a sacrifice none of the others will ever forget.

Along the way, Lily, Adam, Travis, and Ripley all make an appearance, and lend their own skills and personality to a realistic, horrifying, and hopeful story of survival, change, and family - a family forged of loss, desperation, and love; the emotion that humans will never lose, even in the face of extinction.

There's no bond stronger than family - even if that family is what you find after the end of the world. Find out what happens when a group of survivors come together to form a bond this strong against the forces that work against them. 

Check out my book, The Loki Variation, to find out just how important the word family can be at the end of the world. 

"Watch out George Romero The Loki Variation is a top notch book that I could see becoming the ultimate zombie movie! The action started immediately and kept me on the edge of my seat until the last page! Sabrina James Riley's descriptions were so vivid that I could visualize every scene with such clarity. This book needs to be put on the big screen!"

"The zombie genre has been around long enough that there really isn't anything that hasn't been done. However this author took the old and put a new spin on it. I couldn't put it down."

"This is not your average zombie book, folks. These critters are mobile, agile and hostile and make for a much more credible threat than just about any other I have read. Reading along about the devastation caused by these predators makes you wonder how anyone could survive. The closest I can come to compare is with the night runners from Jim O'Brien's New World series, but the monsters of this book are clearly this author's own creation."

"I loved this book! It is truly a page turner, from the first moment it was hard to put down, until I got near the end of the story and I didn't want the book to finish. I immediately cared about the characters and couldn't wait to see what would happen to them next. The scientific side of it made it sound just real enough to scare you. I've suggested this book to everyone I know, and would really enjoy seeing the story on the big screen. I eagerly await more from this author!"

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If the world ended, who would you consider family? Do you think you could make it with people you've never met before, because of the trust and love you found in them?

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