Monday, February 3, 2014

New fantasy fiction Kickstarter with... Zombies?

(Friend or foe?)

New fantasy novel Kickstarter underway by author Steve Sullivan for the new "Tournament of Death 3."

Sullivan describes Tournament of Death as "a series of fantasy-action novels with an interesting mash-up of engaging characters ranging from women warriors to bi-sexual elves to cat people and were-orcas. Each of the books has been written live, online, during the sixteen days of the Olympic Games (2008 & 2012)."

The multi-character novel will be written LIVE during the Olympics! And, I hear.... it will feature some Zombies!!

I also hope to contribute a short story as one of the stretch goals.... I'll have to polish up my fighting writing skills! Should be fun!

(* Please share with your friends and support - donations as low as $1 - $16 to attend and watch as it unfolds!)

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