Friday, February 14, 2014

#Zombies... and Romance?

  Happy Valentine's Day! 

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Some people hate romances in zombie books, wanting to read only the fighting and gore and...

But that - pardon the pun - can get to be overkill, too. It's like a bad movie - how many fights can you watch if there is no story beyond that?

And since we are talking about apocalypses, disasters and people dying, love also should be part of that world, right?

Well, to an extent... So, what about some zombie love?


Okay, how about some reasons why not?

(art- piyaphon,

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Love a Zombie

By C.A. Verstraete

1. It's dangerous. 
You could catch something really bad... I mean worse than the usual communicable diseases...  Ewww.... Nothing like some lice and maggots and bugs and other icky stuff crawling if you get too close. OH YUCK!

2. Don't expect the relationship to last too long. 
Besides the threat of things just falling apart.. (heh-heh), ever watch The Walking Dead? 

3. It's booooooring. 
And you think getting most guys to talk is hard? Now try having a conversation with someone whose vocabulary is limited to Ugh, Arggh and "Braiiiiiiinns!"

4. Will it Last? 
Dating a zombie can put new meaning to such things as holding hands... putting a ring on it... and what about, ahem, you know... getting intimate?  Never mind the sickness of wanting to sleep with the dead. We're not even going there...

5. Are you kidding?
Really?? If you can't catch a live guy, you better take a good look in the mirror and figure out what in the world you are doing wrong.

And if you prefer a zombie, well, see the end of number four and... let's see if we can find you a good shrink.

This is all in good fun, of course!

 In GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, falling in love is pretty natural since they are teens and only part-zombie. No brain eating or other icky stuff here, though Becca does have some weird quirks to get over. The full Zs (zombies) are the enemies, not Becca and Gabe...
*** Winner! 2014 Lovey Award, Best Paranormal, Sci Fi
  Love is Murder Mystery Conference 2/8/14


  1. Yes, I could see how zombie dating could prove hazardous.

  2. lol - Really enjoyed your 'Ewww' take on the 'dating a zombie' issue... but then again, after a good meal, a bottle of wine, and an evening on the couch - aren't they all 'zombies' in a way? LMBO - only joking, no gender bias here, and my hubs only tunes out when Anime is on - that's his zombie mode. :)

    Happy to be bouncing along in the Bloody Valentine's Day Blog hop with ya!


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