Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Redneck Zombie Humor with "Josie's Last Straw"

Josie's Last Straw: a Redneck zombie short story 
by Karina Fabian

Josie's husband has come back from the dead! Yes, it's true all he does now is sit in front of the TV and drink beer, but dying takes a lot out of a man - and he is a better listener.  But is he really the first tangible proof that the undead are simply mortality challenged, or is he actually a monster ready to eat her brains with the right provocation? Find out as Josie struggles to make her even more difficult marriage work in "Josie's Last Straw."

This story is free to read in Liberty Island Press. (There is a tip jar, however, so if you enjoy it, please drop a dollar for the author and make her feel loved.) Josie first appears in Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator as a spokeswoman…but I won't tell you whether it's for zombie rights or for educating people that dead is dead. I loved her spunk, however, and her trailer-trash past was a lot of fun to explore in the short story. Redneck humor is awesome, and combining it with zombies! Guns, beer, zombies... (And Liberty Island came up with the best graphic!)

I hope you enjoy reading about her as much as I did creating her.

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