Friday, August 15, 2014

Surviving Zombies in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of visiting the library in Thermopolis, Wyoming, to give my workshop on Surviving Zombies.  It was a blast!

I was excited to be at the Hot Springs County Library, and they were excited to have me. They decorated their room, and a few of the kids dressed up in costume. Eighteen kids total showed up to talk about what it would take to survive in the zombie apocalypse. And they had some great ideas and suggestions. I think they'll have a fighting chance. Then, we all ate pizza and cupcakes.

Boarded up windows with zombies trying to get in.

A zombie menace.

Message left by a survivor? 

Another menace.

Hoodied zombies.

Zombie slayers.  And they were tough!

A striped zombie.

It was an amazing and fun experience to go to Thermopolis.  We want to go again and stay for longer.  There's a lot of stuff to do, and I would happily visit the library again!

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