Thursday, August 7, 2014

Writers, words and Scrabble

Most writers love Scrabble, I know I do, and still remember dad's attempts to put his own words on the board.

Well, now it looks like it's time to actually get a new Scrabble dictionary since the latest fifth edition (and first big update in 10 years) features a mind-boggling 5,000 new words!!

While there isn't a full  list of the new words (why not, as I now I'd wonder what all those words are?), the new entries apparently are aimed at the "milennials," and let's face it, you need to keep the game updated and relevant to younger generations to keep it going. 

(* Need Help? Neat Find - there's a Scrabble Word Finder - confirm your words.)

So, do you agree with some of the new entries?

Some of the new words include: 

Beatbox, bromance,  buzzkill, chillax, coqui, frenemy, funplex, hashtag, jockdom, joypad, mixtape, mojito, ponzu, qigong, schmutz, selfie, sudoku, tweep, and yuzu. Geocache was another entry, which was voted in by Facebook members during a May contest (which apparently I missed.)

I admit some of these like bromance, hashtag or selfie are so used now as to be familiar by most everyone. But a few of these some of us, (yes, me too) will have to look up to see the context... what about you?

So, your thoughts - are these words too out there - too slangy?

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  1. There's actually now a 6th edition to the official player's dictionary. Merriam-Webster added 300 new words a couple years back including emoji, listicle, bestie, twerk, and sriracha. You can check if words are valid using this Scrabble Word Checker.