Monday, October 13, 2014

Disgusting Gross #Zombie #Halloween Cakes

Since it's nearing Halloween, I'm sharing all things spooky and weird and....

I always say, what's a party without cake? (and I) may rethink that phrase with these cakes.

Better yet - what's Halloween without gross, disgusting and zombie cakes? (Better probably, but...)

I know you don't want to look but... I know you can't help yourself. Beware! (I warned you!)

Oh.. yuck. Who'd want to cut into this? from - coolhalloweencakes

Cool Halloween Cake - 1

Or maybe you'd want this one? (Gross, not likely!)

Or.... yikes! Too realistic.

Or there's my old favorite...

Ok. I'll spare you more... believe me, there are worse out there, far, far, worse....

 * Once you're done eating, be sure to curl up with a good book!

Great Halloween read! What happens when you turn part-#zombie?

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