Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween: Would you do this to your pet?

More Halloween oddness... 

Halloween is the one time of year where we do terrible things to our pets. 

I don't mean animal cruelty, unless, well, you look at it from the dog's point  of view. I mean... what do they think when you try to put something like these on them? (And I have to admit they are pretty darn funny!)

Real dogs don't wear costumes - or at least they won't let you put one on them. It would last two seconds with my German Shepherd Dog.

Of course, that's the dogs. I know, cat people are already snickering behind their hands. I'm looking to see what I can find in the feline versions... (Hmm, they must be on to something. All that comes up are cute kiddy and sexy kitty costumes.)

Found these at Party City: 

Really??? haaa!

Apparently Petco knows something we don't or it's a conspiracy of sorts. Only one cat gets a vest; the others get funky hats. And the dog? Well, oddly both the costumes are in the Star Wars category...


How long would this last on most dogs? (Oh, chew toy!)

* Feel free to share any odder costumes than this that you find.

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