Thursday, January 8, 2015

Horror Stories Wanted!

A couple interesting markets looking for story submissions:

* Dark Chapter Press Flash Fiction Competition 

1,000 words. Deadline: 23:59 London time, Jan. 30

Sub story based on picture and theme, "Explosion in the Alchemist's Laboratory." See above link for all details.

*  Mental Ward - Experiments anthology - Siren's Call

4,000 words minimum. Deadline: March 1.   Pay: $25

Stories must be in an asylum or mental ward and involve persons from the institution - staff, doctors, patients, etc. - performing an inhumane experiment.  Tell what goes on behind closed doors; the things that are feared and what drives someone to do such things. See link for all details and description.

 ** Here's a good explanation on the Five Elements That Make a Good Horror Story  for some inspiration. 

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