Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Top 10 Tuesday - Debut Novels, #Horror #Zombie #Minis

It's another Top 10 Tuesday at Broke and Bookish.com

Today's Topic: The Top Ten Most Anticipated Debut Novels For 2015

Now I don't know about the most anticipated, so instead I'm going to list the new novels I'm looking forward to reading this year that I happened to come across or hear about. Some may not be debuts but instead may be authors who are new to me. Some also may not be new in 2015 but I haven't gotten to them yet.  There is a mix as I read a lot more than just zombie novels (as any author should!) 

In no particular order some of my picks:

 1. The Miniaturist: A Novel - I mentioned this one before on my other blog. Sounds fascinating  since it involves dollhouse miniatures, which I collect, and centers on the beautiful 17th century Dutch cabinet house once owned by Petronella Oortman, now housed at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Well worth a look  at the website if you haven't seen it.

2. Big Book of a Miniature House, The: Create and decorate a house room by room - 

This is a new release in English of a French book that has been out for a while.  How to make your own French chateau. The author runs a beautiful blog. Lea Atelier, with wonderful, French shabby, vintage-style rooms.

 I'd be remiss if I didn't mention any zombie or horror books I was looking forward to reading. (Some may say zombies are "dead," but the amount of zombie books coming out in 2015 doesn't seem to have let up yet.)

  3. Here's a short story coming out in March with an interesting premise - Carniepunk: The Werewife - a housewife bit by a dog-faced boy from a traveling carnival develops a craving for raw meat. No preview so no idea what it reads like but sounds strange enough... 

4. Here's another short story by Bob Thurman, also from the same anthology but with no story description. Jan 12 release. Carniepunk: Painted Love

5. The Undying: Shades: An Apocalyptic Thriller (May 2015) A follow-up to The Undying -
as the youngest surviving human Ren is also  the perfect killing machine who readies to save the world. But the  weakened undead hives are reawakened and transformed into a new monster via a dark presence. 


 6. What's better than zombie-vampires and a mysterious virus? Sounds intriguing from the preview, too. Suckers: A Horror Novel (Jan 2015) PW called it a "shining" crowdsourced debut... 

* I may not reach 10 - Feel free to add suggestions in the comments. 

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  1. Good to see some interesting horror on the way. Great tips!