Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Author Branding; #Zombies #Horror & #Miniatures

Everyone needs a brand apparently. No, I don't mean the branding used on animals. I mean author- book branding, that is - what a book or author is known for.

Easy, right?

No, it's not that easy.

In this bloated world of millions of authors, musicians, celebrities, etc. screaming for your attention (and yes your $), as a writer, you want readers to remember you. When a word comes up, you want someone to think... oh, that book/author, (but in a good way!)

For instance: let's play word association. Your word choices may vary. (Please be kind if you comment.)

Celebrities and TV:

Well, easy:
 * Kardashian - (sorry, "but" I'm sure you will think of the first word that comes to mind.)
* Humor - Ellen show
* Monsters - Grimm

Here's a word (or a few)  and the authors I think of:

 * Zombies - Jonathan Maberry (Author of Rot & Ruin series, Dead of Night series)

 * Sister Wife - polygamy - Betty Webb (Author of Lena Jones mysteries, Desert Wives, etc.)

 * Scary, spooky - Stephen King or Dean Koontz

* Sweet Historical & Romance  - Deeanne Gist 

Your references may vary, but see what I mean?

Okay, how about brands for:

C.A. Verstraete


Haaa. No, it's  not a trick question. I admit sometimes I feel like that TV commercial that began... Do you know me? Remember that?

I'm a journalist by trade, but my fiction is all over the place - children's, mystery, sci fi, horror. When I write fiction, I write what I like and what comes to mind or to fit. No control over that. But I do have two constants, it seems.

1. More and more of my stories feature zombies. Not all are icky, bloodthirsty, or gory. I happen to find them scary, interesting, a perfect boogeyman and great story fodder.

  My first short story in this genre, The Killer Valentine Ball, which I call "zombie lite" features a different take on Valentine's Day. It's short (16 pages) and a bit different.

 ** An upcoming story, "Second Chances" will give an entirely different take on zombies - and what it means to have compassion. It'll be coming out soon in the Baby Shoes Anthology.


 ** My book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, features 16-year-old Becca, whose life is changed when she's infected with the Z virus and turns part-zombie.  (See Amazon links.)

No, not the usual zombie-brains-flesh-eating scenario. She does none of that. It's a story that has zombies, but is also about a girl facing a new world and different way of life.

** I explore another aspect of Becca's life when she faces her fear of dogs and helps solve a mystery in an upcoming story, "Puppy Love and Zombies." Yes, there is both in the story. Coming soon.

** And there is more coming with an even more unique twist. 

So back to that brand question - what do you think of when you hear the name C.A. Verstraete?

2.   I won't mind if you think of me when you think of zombies and horror, but I also write about, collect and build dollhouses and miniatures. (See my book, In Miniature Style II.) Nope, no apologies. I enjoy it. It's my art and my other creative outlet.

The two even meet when I put copies of mine and other authors' miniature novels  (blank inside)  in my miniature rooms and houses.

So, think of miniatures, dollhouses--and zombies? Yup, that's me. That seems to be my brand.

Guess I'll have to get to work soon on that story about zombies taking over a dollhouse. 

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