Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Intelligent Corporeal

Truth to tell, I’m not a big zombie fan, but I do enjoy seeing how different people have different takes on what a zombie is. Walking Dead goes for the traditional mindless, shambling killing machines, while Generation Dead treats is as much as an affliction than a horror. My own Neeta Lyffe novels treat them as something in-between: shambling killing machines that carry just enough of their past personalities to be influenced by things in this world like a desire for cigarettes or an aversion to gas guzzlers.

I recently discovered another fun variation: the sentient corporeal. Seen in the web series Journey Quest, Carrow is a paladin who was the victim of a healing spell gone wrong. He ends up neither healed nor undead, but an intelligent corporeal. And he’s none-too-happy about it.

It’s been fun to see his character deal with his bizarre affliction and the resulting loss of favor from his god. Journey Quest can be found on YouTube.

Dead Gentlemen Productions, the creators of Journey Quest have several excellent videos and series out. You can find more here: If you play D&D, then I highly recommend The Gamers.

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