Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Imagine you have to survive after a Zombie or other attack. What would you need?

Well, some survivalists have it all figured out with all kinds of equipment and gadgets. 

But here's a trivia question - if you have to preserve food, what is the one ingredient that will help food last longer and fight mold? 

You'd be surprised as this suggestion comes from an 18th century cookbook on preserving strawberries. Who knew? I sure didn't so thought I'd share something different.

(See? You learn all kinds of things here!)


  1. In Mira Grant's "Feed", your average Z was your average shambling Z. But, the more and more of them that gathered together, the smarter they got, up to and including setting ambushes. They may have gotten even smarter than that, but I couldn't get past the first 1/3 of the book. Too cutesy, too much improbable society/world-building in the after-effects of a zpoc. A seemingly contained zpoc, but still.

    I'm definitely classed among the World War Z movie haters mostly because I loved the book so much (bought a copy of the hardback for each member of my extended family that year, lol) and they denied me from seeing The Battle Of Yonkers in glorious IMAX. However, I'm still willing to sit there and suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy the spectacle of a huge budget zombie movie, something we just don't get to see. But it's got to hold up in the face of it's own internal logic. WWZ just didn't for me. Case in point, the prey already being sick thing. When he infected himself, the Z looked him up and down for a good long while before deciding he wasn't prey. Back in Israel, and entire flood of them sprints, full speed, past the kid on the steps. That kind of thing.

    I agree that new zombie material is free to explore the continuing evolution of the undead, just as I would suggest we return to our shambling, unthinking undead regularly. It keeps the genre kicking :)

  2. Funny as I guess I'm not a "purist." I will overlook logical or scientific things if I like the story. I liked WWZ movie. The book isn't one of my top favorites. I thought the book Raising Stoney Mayhall was really original though I didn't like the ending. Fun to see the new twists that keep coming out though so we know the genre isn't dead - yet. :) Thanks for commenting!