Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Lizzie Borden!

Today is Lizzie Borden's Birthday!

The Fall River, Mass. accused murderess was born July 19, 1860.

happy birthday lizzie borden!

It was never fully proven that Lizzie, a 32-year-old spinster and Sunday School teacher, committed the crime.
 No one else was arrested or charged.
 The crime was never solved. 

Until now.

What if Lizzie did do it...because she had no other choice? 

The "proof"... is in the crime and the autopsy photos. I'll explain more soon... 

My viewpoint is coming soon in: 

 NEWS!!!    The Release Date is....

SEPT. 13th! 
(Andrew Borden's Birthday!) 

** Cover Reveal this week! Did you see the preview? Come back for more this week! 

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