Monday, January 8, 2018

Paris and... #Zombies?

One goal this year: I want to try featuring other blogs and things I come across and find interesting. Today's topic: Paris

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Love Paris?

It was interesting reading about and seeing the wonderful photos fellow author and Facebook friend Kaye Wilkinson Barley took during her recent trip to Paris. Here she puts up an amazing list of books about Paris on her Meandering & Muses blog. 

Her book, Whimsey is "a  novel of southern fiction with a splash of magic and a touch of fantasy, topped with a sprinkling of humor. The magic was already there when cigar-smoking matriarch Elizabeth Calhoun established an artist’s colony on an island off the coast of Georgia and named it Whimsey." 

Sounds like a great afternoon read snuggled up with some tea and a comforter!

Now I like to read all kinds of things... And if you think the topic of Paris doesn't fit on this blog? haa!  Guess what? Zombies are everywhere! I got a big kick out of looking this up!!

Yes, there are some books with Paris - and zombies!!  Have fun looking up others! 

 An Alphabet of Paris Zombies, Amy Plum - Gruesome deaths in Paris written in couplets for each letter. Definitely different.

The Plague in Paris, Tyler Omichinski - Mr. Hildebrand and his valet flee the British Isles for Paris amid scandal. Will they survive the chaos there? Dry humor, pulp, 19th century. 

The Undying, Undying Series, Ethan Reid -  A young American in Paris must lead her friends to safety and escape the hungry undying in this apocalyptic thriller. (Great cover!) Book 2: The Undying: Shades: An Apocalyptic Thriller


  1. Well, I just love the heck out of this! Every word. Thank you, Christine. Girl Zombie Authors AND Readers Rock!

    1. Thank you for the inspiration and the great Paris books list you shared! :)