Friday, December 7, 2018

I'm Back.... New #Horror #Sci-Fi Anthol

I'm baaack!

Well, I wasn't off anywhere really, just taking a break. Stay tuned as I'll be listing some new reading for the holidays.

To start, here's a great new Horror and Sci-Fi anthology I can't wait to read!

 Mindscapes Unimagined  features 24 stories from authors around the world writing about "places where the unimagined and the unexplained collide with reality."  (Here's the publisher page.)

What answers that description better than a story about Wisconsin's legendary, fearsome creature?

 The lead story by fellow author Steve Rouse titled "Hodag" describes an odd little tavern in the Khandaran Forest sure to "satisfy all who enter, sometimes in ways they never expect."  Gulp.

In case you wonder, what's a hodag? Well, here's a photo and some info... if you dare take a peek. Then be sure to read the anthology story!

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