Monday, August 9, 2021

Save the Cat! Writes for TV Blog Tour #screenwriting

 If you're interested in writing TV scripts, then this is a fascinating, step-by-step approach to doing just that.

 Dubbed "The Last Book on Creating Binge-Worthy Content You'll Ever Need," Save the Cat! Writes for TV  by screenwriter Jamie Nash is based on the noted Blake Snyder Save the Cat! writing principles to offer a step-by-step approach for writers at any level.

 Steps include: 
* How to write and structure a compelling TV pilot.
* All the nuances, tricks, and techniques of pilot-writing: the Opening Pitch, the Guided Tour, the Whiff of Change, and more* -The 8 Save the Cat! TV Franchise Types that will improve your story and your pitch
 * The not-so-secret TV Pitch Template that turns your TV series into the necessary read-over-lunch industry document
* A how-to in creating layered characters who are driven by complex internal struggles
* Study "Beat sheets" of the pilots of shows like Barry, Ozark, Grey's Anatomy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, What We Do in the Shadows, Black-ish, The Mandalorian, This Is Us, Law and Order: SVU and more.

Review: This is an interesting study in screenwriting for those (like me!) who haven't tried it and wanted to get a taste of that style of writing. Easy to follow chapters and steps allow even the novice to feel they can try their hand at scriptwriting and get decent results. Note: Book was supplied by publisher. 

Create your binge-worthy TV series with Save the Cat! Writes for TV.
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