Friday, October 24, 2014

Coffin Hop 2014: If the Famous Read #Horror & #Zombie Books...

Welcome to Coffin Hop 2014!

During the 2014 COFFIN HOP event, a special group of "scary" authors  (including: Christian Larsen; Linda Godfrey; W.D. Gagliani; Pembroke Sinclair; Jean RabeJaime Johnesee; and me) will be sharing on this blog about our favorite monsters, so be sure to stop by and comment! 

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Coffin Hop Thoughts:

By Christine (C.A.) Verstraete

I know that it's not just the everyday people who love #horror and #zombies. Of that huge 17 million-plus viewing base for the premiere of The Walking Dead, there had to be some famous and well-known people who couldn't wait to sit and watch.

That got me thinking: what would the famous and well-known put on their reading lists and bookshelves?  What scary books would they read, or what would be their favorite monster or character? Here's my tentative idea list of randomly chosen books.  **Be sure to check out the giveaway-contest at the end. **

Horror Books the Famous and Well-Known May Read:

1. Cher -  Eternally youthful (we know she's had some "work" done.) No, I don't thinks she is evil inside and no malice intended.  I've liked her for years and have many of her cd's, albums, a newer Cher Doll, and the 1970s Mego Cher Doll and outfits. It is the outer which made me think of the ever youthful - Picture of Dorian Gray (Dover Thrift Editions).

2. Brad Pitt:  Naturally,  he should have a copy of The Vampire Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles Book 2).

3.  David Boreanaz (Bones, Angel) -  He's been a vampire and now digs up bones on Bones.   So, of course, he would read a book about an army of Skeletons.


4. David Bowie -  What better read for Ziggy Stardust than something about monsters in space? Space Monster - Free Floating In Space Anthology Series: Short Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories In Comic Book Form Full Of Mild Romance, Cosmic Horror Novels, Alien Thrillers And Sci Fi Suspense.

  5.  Madonna -  In The Virgin Vampire (French Horror Book 16), , a soldier in Napoleon's army goes back on his marriage vow and is revisited by his vampiric ex-love out for revenge. (I chose this book for its uniqueness and it sounded good.)

6. Hayden Panetierre  - The lovely and talented actress plays the  selfish singer Juliette Barnes on one of my favorite shows, Nashville

As her ex-boyfriend on the show claimed, she consumes everyone in her path, hence the perfect pick: Consumed (The Hunger Book 2).

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*  YA Winner: 2013 Halloween Book Festival

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  1. This is a great contest idea! My favorite actor is Christopher Walken - so naturally I'd match him to my favorite Stephen King book - the Dead Zone. (And the Legend of Sleepy Hollow short story by Washington Irving.

  2. Great idea... and a tough one, too! I'll go with Daniel Day-Lewis in Bentley Little's 'The Policy'

  3. Great suggestions, both of you! Thanks for playing and hopping by!

  4. Nic Cage as Dracula

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com