Thursday, January 2, 2014

Call for Medicine and Zombies papers

If you  like to write on medical topics, then there is a call for papers looking at zombies in comics and graphic novels with a medical overview...

As taken from the Literature, Medicine, Medical Humanities site - some possible topic examples include:

·        How do voodoo zombies prefigure bio zombies? How does their fantastical and racialized etiology complicate the emergence of modern medicine after the fin de si├Ęcle?
·        How does biomedicine interpret the zombie?
·        How does the comic medium represent or complicate zombies in ways other mediums like film cannot?
·        What does zombification mean in terms of neuroscience? In terms of epidemiology?

Check the site above for some other topics to consider and to get an idea of the direction to go in.

Deadline is Feb. 14. Send 500 word abstracts to Lorenzo Servitje ( or Sherryl Vint (

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