Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zombie New Year's Resolutions

post by Karina Fabian*

1. I will pamper myself.  I will eat more brains.
2. I'll strive to excel.  I will increase my shambling speed.
3. I'll protect myself.  I will learn to duck that chainsaw.
4. I'll care for the environment.  If I drop a body part, I will stop to pick it up.
5. I'll stive to communicate.  Half a jaw is no excuse to not enunciate.
6. I'll improve my intellect.  I'll try to remember more words than "brains" and "aaargh."
7. Humans are friends, not food. 
8. I will pay attention to my appearance.  I'll do my hair each day...until my scalp comes off.
9. I am the next phase of Darwinism.  I'll be more selective of my victims.
10. I will learn to accept myself.  I am undead, but I am beautiful.

*Sorry about my absence lately. I got a new job writing for, and I'm still getting into the swing of a full time job, a near full-time writing career, and blogging!

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