Thursday, September 17, 2015

New #Paranormal Idea

Funny how things work out. 

I was out of ideas, or rather uninspired. Fed up, I guess, is more like it.

I was going to try to revamp a kid's zombie story I had started. Well, with a story line suggested by writing pal Stephen D. Sullivan, I got a new idea.

No, I didn't need a new idea. I didn't need to write something new.  But... it actually is old - and new.

Awhile ago I had done a (very) short semi-outline of a fantasy-type story about a princess who wakes up after an accident not knowing who she is.  I've thought of  that idea here and there as I still like it. So I'm combining that and the ideas I'd sketched out with a witch's curse and the little brother.... and so far, so good.

It's nice to write something you're having fun with - and enjoy writing. I'm hoping for a novella. Aiming for at least 60, or 80 to 100 pages.  Hoping I have a strong enough idea to make it work.  It'll have some romance, too. I seem to write mish-mash stories, so this'll be fantasy, romance, paranormal...

I think I'll leave the zombie stuff alone for now. Maybe I needed a change. If you have to force it or hunt for the ideas, then it' s not working anyway. 

I guess you have to go with what works and so far this is it. It's never good to get in a rut. Or maybe it's good to give you time to chill and let your creative brain rejuvenate. On purpose, I had set the fiction aside and didn't write any for a week. I just didn't want to. I'm a daily writer, so I never do this. But it helped, I think. Still, I'm glad to be out of there. ha!

On to new writing adventures!

So... share: what are you working on? What have you abandoned or switched to?  How do you jump start your creativity?

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