Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Page 56 #Fiction Excerpt - #1LineWed #zombie #horror

Saw something fun I thought I'd share for #1LineWed - 1 Line Wednesday!

Try it with a book you're reading  - feel free to share in the comments!

** Turn to page 56, share the fifth line. The game says not to share the title, but I want to know what the book is! So...

Now, there can be two fifth lines in Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter since it has an excerpt from the trial or other documents at the top of each chapter. So I'll share both:
(New 2nd edition & New cover!)

Chapter Eleven

Q. Or was her hair disturbed?
(Part of Alice Russell testimony, Lizzie Borden trial, June 8, 1893)

Line 5: (And I'm going to finish the paragraph so it makes sense)

To Lizzie's relief, the horse calmed and stopped its pawing and snorting, though the situation still had her just as frantic. "I'm glad you have a way with horses, but can we please leave? I'd rather not stay around too long."

Every family has its secrets…
   One hot August morning in 1892, Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and murdered her father and stepmother. Newspapers claim she did it for the oldest of reasons: family conflicts, jealousy and greed. But what if her parents were already dead? What if Lizzie slaughtered them because they’d become zombies?
   Thrust into a horrific world where the walking dead are part of a shocking conspiracy to infect not only Fall River, Massachusetts, but also the world beyond, Lizzie battles to protect her sister, Emma, and her hometown from nightmarish ghouls and the evil forces controlling them.

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