Monday, July 10, 2017

Almost... Dr. Bowen #Mystery #LizzieBorden

Sooooo close!

Yes, there are only a couple little corrections now and The Haunting of Dr. Bowen , A Mystery in Lizzie Borden's Fall River will be ready to get up on pre-order!!

It's been  a loooong haul, some problems, some mistakes.... but it's almost here!!!

The story ties into the Borden murders, but is the doctor's views, recollections and experiences. At least how I'm imagining it!

(** In the meantime, for a different view of the Borden murders - Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter is still on sale for Kindle to July 15!) 

I'll be doing a few pre-order and  full cover reveal blog visits soon!

The cover is by the talented Stephen D. Sullivan - check out his cool ongoing serial monster story, Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors!

Now, if you've read this far... tell me what you think in the comments for a chance to win a Kindle copy!

Here's the Dr. Bowen book blurb: 

 Gruesome deaths haunt the industrial city of Fall River, Massachusetts.
Dr. Seabury Bowen—physician to the infamous Lizzie Borden—swears he’s being stalked by spirits, though his beloved wife thinks it’s merely his imagination. But the retired doctor insists that neither greed nor anger provoked the recent sensational axe murders in Fall River. Rather, he believes the city is poisoned by bad blood and a thirst for revenge dating back to the Indian and Colonial wars.

    Now, two years after the Borden murders, Dr. Bowen is determined to uncover the mysteries stirring up the city’s ancient, bloodthirsty specters. Can he discover who, or what, is shattering the peace before Fall River runs red? Or will he be the next victim?

    Part mystery, part love story, The Haunting of Dr. Bowen reveals the eerie side of Fall River as witnessed by the first doctor on the scene of the legendary Borden murders.

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