Monday, July 17, 2017

Lizzie Borden's Doctor #Paranormal #Mystery - Almost Here!

Finally - it's almost here!!!!

Seemed like it would never get to this point, 
but now I'm just waiting for the final print approvals for  

The Haunting of Dr. Bowen, A Mystery in Lizzie Borden's Fall River!!

The pre-order is coming! (I'm waiting to share as I have a review and full cover reveal coming this week! Stay tuned!)

Also be sure to check at the website for updates

In the meantime, how about this cool back copy! (Cover by Stephen D. Sullivan. - be sure to check out his books and his ongoing monster serial story!)

Don't you love it????? (Well, I do! Lots!!)

More details and the full cover reveal will be coming soon!

(click pix for full size)


  1. Very good back cover copy. And the part of the cover that's showing looks very nice. I'm working on my own zombie epic this summer and love to come to this blog for inspiration.

    Nissa from

    1. Thanks Nissa. Appreciate the comment! I'm glad we inspire you here. Always coming up with new stuff. You'll find zombies are addicting - you can't write just one. haa! (though the Dr. is ghosts instead.) glad you stopped by!