Wednesday, March 21, 2018

#Zombie #Horror Writing News! Updates! Tiny Preview!


What's New???

* Waiting on pre-pub blurbs for Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter 2. Title to Be Revealed!!

** Here's a tiny sneak peek of the first line of the book blurb: 

After being acquitted of brutally slaying her parents, Lizzie Borden thinks her nightmare is over—but it’s only just begun!

* Cover 1 for the first book, new edition of  Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter is done!  I'm also done re-reading the edits and then it'll go to formatting.

 Soon, I'll also discuss a few minor changes I've made about points several people brought up about the first edition. They're simple, small fixes that I think change some of what is presented. I will say, some things I've agreed with; some things I felt were more a matter of reading taste. 

** OOh!! Here's the first tiny peek at the text - the covers are "very" zombieish!

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* Other News: 

* A fantastic new reading list for March and a newsletter are coming shortly. Lining them up now.


  1. Ive read about Lizzie Borden,as a matter of fact I use to live in New England,my brother lives in Fall River,Massachusetts.This is quite fascinating as a book!Lizzie Borden,zombie hunter.My brother is envolved in paranormal investigations with these old mansion and things.You have a great blog!Im definintley going to pass this on to other readers who would enjoy this

    1. Thanks, keep checking back. It's certainly a different take on Lizzie's life.