Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Review! Lizzie Borden,. #Zombie Hunter!

Maybe you're tired of hearing about these, I hope not! I'm excited as I'm now at 39 reviews for Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter!

I'd love to get to the magic 50 number, so please, pretty please, review it, won't you? Even a short sentence helps the book get more exposure!

The latest: Fleur at Post Apocalyptic  Playground  "absolutely loved the twist on twist" and "was hooked on this read." 5 stars.

Also, there was a review that kept disappearing on Amazon, with the number fluctuating. Seems there is a review I didn't see that is on the second page although it's recent. 

It's a fun one too, from Amazon reviewer Helen. Loved this line! "It was horrifying, disgusting, and strangely interesting." And she gets it. See more at my website page.

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