Friday, October 19, 2018

Creepy #Halloween Gifts!

For fun, I decided to look around and see what kinds of odd, Halloween-related gift items I could find. The better, scarier things are not cheap, but you can have some creepy fun if you want to spend the $!

How about some writing gloves? Get Dracula and other classic and horror story excerpts on these gloves at Storiarts. $26.

* Has the zombie and skeleton animal craze gone too far? 

You can get a full-size 72" tall zombie horse  (painted 'decaying' flesh, 'undead' horse neighs and red eyes, $224) and a 74" skeleton horse  for your lawn at Home Depot. 

Yes, there's even a saddle, cloak and more! There are all kinds of other animals, too.

Ha! I could see doing this! Oriental Trading has a "John Doe" body on a table that sits up! Sound activated with 2 AA batteries. $79. Check out the video at the link above, too.

Or if you're cheap like me, make your own stuff.  This is a must! Scare family and friends with this easy Head in a Jar in the fridge! 

Of course, I could fill a whole post with creepy, icky food ideas! I'll let you Google it yourself... In this case, it depends on how disgusting you want to be. Some are pretty gross!  This page starts out average enough but the further you go.... Icky bloody arm, and well, there's the really gross baby doll and... You know you want to go look... 

And... of course, books!!! There are a bunch of new creepy anthologies coming out.  But... that's in an upcoming post, so be sure to come back!

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