Saturday, October 13, 2018

October Frights 4: #Frankenstein 200th Anniversary #monsters

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This year marks the 200th anniversary of the classic horror tale, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Follow along with a variety of events during Halloween week, Oct. 22-31 on the website, organized by the Keats-Shelley Assn. of America. There are some cool resources, printies and posters on the website.   

Ever since Mary Shelley wrote her horrific story, the monster has been a big part of our culture. I did some checking around and found there's quite a bit of Frankenstein-related things online. 

* Wikipedia has a list of all the ways Frankenstein has influenced culture in TV, movies, music, books and more.

 * Music: Who can forget the Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Some things to do: 
* Make a simple spinner game for kids. 

* Here's a video-science game with Dr. Tori Frankenstein that you can play online, Frankenstein 200. See Frankenstein.Life to take a personality test first, (not sure if it goes further).

* Pretty cool: Chicago theaters will have four new stage plays about Frankenstein as part of Frankenfest. 

* How much do you know?  Take a Frankenstein quiz. Here's another multiple-choice quiz.

* Watch the official 1931 Universal movie trailer for Frankenstein, played by Boris Karloff:

* Find various versions of the Frankenstein novel - download a free version on the website.

* Visit the October Frights FB group. -- * See Day 1 post for my giveaway. * See Day 5 post.

* Visit the other October Frights Blogs - prizes & more!!


  1. Cool, I didn't know it was Frankenstein's anniversary.

  2. I love Frankenstein and loved all the trivia. I took the quiz and didn't do as good as I thought I would. I guess it's been awhile since I read the book or saw the movie, but it was fun. Thanks!!

  3. Didn't know it was the anniversary! One of my favorite books!


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