Saturday, October 9, 2021

#OctoberFrights Blog Hop: Creepy Fun Items


October Frights  - all kinds of scary fun! A book fair and more! See A. F. Stewart's site for all the details! * Today I thought I'd share some creepy things I came across so keep reading for some CREEPY FUN! Come back to my blog tomorrow for some more creepy short fiction.

* There is also an October Frights Panel  - check it out today starting at 10 am Central onYouTube.


** Want some freebies? Check out the October Frights Giveaway from Oct. 1-31! 

* How about some books? Check out the Book Fair!

Keep checking back as more titles are added!

* You can also get a free sample preview of the Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter series - see my website -

More CREEPY FUN Items!

* Remember the coffin race car that Grandpa and Herman Munster worked on in The Munsters Show? Here's your chance! It's for sale! See it in color on the page here.

Dress Like...

A Snail? haa! Everyone needs one of these (really bad) masks. This cracks me up. Sooo bad!

Now you can say you've seen Bigfoot - and won't be lying! (Oh, these are a riot!)

No backbone? How about a set of bone pens? (They have syringe pens, too,)

Organize Yourself:

Who doesn't need a desktop skull to keep their makeup brushes or pens and pencils in?

Even better, grab a paperclip in this skull pencil holder. Hope he doesn't bite! haa!

Tired of looking for that pen? Perfect zombie pen holder!

Decorate your garden:

 * Make some chicken wire ghosts.

* Be sure to come back for more Halloween fiction & fun!

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