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A Prophecy of Wings Blog Tour #fantasy #fairytale

  Welcome to today's guest, Jane McGarry, author of 
 A Prophecy of Wings .  See giveaway below.

About the Book:

A betrayal, a prophecy, a kingdom in the balance. Sixteen years ago the evil Dahlia overthrew the kingdom of Roshall Grove, the heart of the Fairy World.

A prophecy foreseen by Edwina, a powerful enchantress, remains the only hope to topple her iron-fisted rule. Now, Lina, a simple peasant girl, learns her future is linked to this prophecy. Edwina brings Lina to the Fairy World to fulfill her destiny—conquering Queen Dahlia. Separated from the enchantress by agents of the dark queen, Lina begins a perilous journey to join the Resistors, who await her return to mount their attack. Thrust into this strange world, Lina must navigate relations with a host of different fairies and animals, never knowing who seeks to help or to thwart her.

Finally reunited with the Resistors, Lina must find the strength to lead her people and fulfill the prophecy. Meanwhile, Dahlia prepares for the battle, which will ultimately decide the survival of her reign, while reflecting on the path that brought her and her foe to this moment of reckoning.

A fairy tale with an ending twist, A Prophecy of Wings is loosely based on Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen and examines the ideas of predestined fates and the subsequent, sometimes unforeseen, consequences.

Author Interview:

What inspired the story?

 The story is a retelling of Thumbelina. I remember taking a copy of Thumbelina out of the library over and over when I was little. On the cover, the tiny girl was sitting inside a flower and it simply fascinated me. Though I loved the story, the ending never quite satisfied me so I decided to do my own take on it.

 What was your favorite part of the story?

 My favorite part was telling the story from the antagonist Dahlia’s point of view as a parallel to Lina’s, the protagonist. Many times, the villain’s story is unknown and her motivation seems only out of pure evil. I wanted to make Dahlia more dimensional for the reader. I hope it gives more insight into the decisions each one makes.

 If you had to live in this setting, what would you choose?

 The Fairy World in A Prophecy of Wings can be a daunting place. Lina finds several places of refuge, my favorite of which was with the rabbits. I would choose this place for its comfort and hominess.

 What do you want readers to know about your characters?

 I like to write strong female protagonists with enough self-doubt to resonate as authentic with readers. My Not Every Girl trilogy has a heroine, Olivia, who is brash right from the start. Lina from A Prophecy of Wings needs time to develop her strength over the course of the story. My aim is to create characters young adult readers can see part of themselves in and provide a feeling of connectedness with the world.

How much of your own life inspired the story and how?

 Well, I was certainly no heir to a lost throne. In fact, my childhood was filled with some unfortunate tragedy. This led to my love of reading, especially fairy tales. They offered both an escape and a belief in the hope that things will work out in the end. I hope my writing provides the same.

 What work did you do before writing this book? How did it prepare you (or not) for writing this and other books?

Before writing, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over ten years and then became a stay-at-home mom. The pharmaceutical job helped prepare me for the business side of publishing, which is a critical piece in being a successful author. Being a mom helped prepare me for multi-tasking, unwanted disruptions, and limited time—all issues writers must deal with when authoring any kind of work.

 What's next? 

My next work is another retelling of the lesser-known Italian fairy tale, Biancabella and the Snake. I stumbled upon it a while back and felt a strong connection to the story.  I am also working on a Greek mythology retelling. Stay tuned for more details.

 What do you want readers take away from this book?

 Adversity makes you grow either kinder or crueler—the choice is yours. 


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A Prophecy of Wings

 About the author: 
Reading was always a big part of Jane’s life. Creating her own stories developed out of this love. To date she has published the Not Every Girl trilogy, a YA Fantasy Adventure. Her latest novel, A Prophecy of Wings, is a retelling of the classic fairy tale, Thumbelina. She lives in New Jersey with my husband, two sons and two extremely spoiled cats. When she is not running around with her family or writing, she can be found curled up with a good book and said cats.

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