Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blur (Night Roamers) Excerpt

Although I love writing about zombies, I also have a vampire series (Night Roamers). The first book, Blur, is free and available all over the internet. Here is a steamy excerpt - 

Nathan’s laughter echoed through the darkness. I watched as the guys stepped away from the cabin and headed over to the garage.
“Nothing to be afraid of,” I murmured to myself, staring towards the dark woods.
An owl hooted and I was reminded of some of the scary movies I’d watched with Nathan. An owl hoots and then something sinister usually happens in the next scene. I knew it was just cinema, but I felt a chill in my veins just the same.
My eyes darted quickly from one side of the yard to the other, and my breath caught in my throat as I saw a shadow move across the grass. I looked up into the sky, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.
“Nikki,” whispered a deep masculine voice behind me.
I turned around, but found myself alone. I stood up and backed away from the table, frightened beyond belief. Hot breath brushed against the back of my neck and I whirled around again, this time seeing a blurry haze of movement.
“Oh, my God… Nathan!” I screamed, running into my bedroom. I ran downstairs and threw the front door open. “Nathan!” I yelled, again.
Nathan and Duncan rushed out of the garage towards me.
“What’s wrong?” called Nathan.
“Someone… was… on the balcony,” I gasped, out of breath.
He looked behind me. “Who?”   
I shook my head. “I don’t know. I heard my name and then I felt someone breathing against the back of my neck.”
“Someone’s in the cabin?” Nathan swore, and then rushed past me and towards the house.
Duncan could tell I was pretty shook up and put his arms around me. He stared down into my eyes. “Are you okay?”
I nodded and leaned into him, closing my eyes.
Suddenly, he was ripped from my arms and thrown backwards.
“Duncan!” I screamed as he landed on the ground.
“I’m fine,” he answered with an incredulous look on his face. He got up and began walking back towards me.
There was a flash of movement and he went flying through the air again, much farther this time. As I rushed towards him, I felt something pick me up, and then we were moving like the wind.
“Help!” I screamed in terror. We were going so fast that my head was spinning. The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground and a pair of steely blue eyes held mine.
“We meet again,” whispered Ethan, trailing a cool finger down my cheek.
I was paralyzed as his eyes burned into mine. A familiar yearning spread through my veins and suddenly I wanted him fiercely.
“Sweet Nikki,” he whispered with a small smile. He then licked his lips and lowered them to mine. Suddenly, we were kissing and I felt an urgent need to wrap my legs around him; to surrender myself to whatever he demanded.
“Oh,” I breathed when he removed his mouth and began a hot trail down my neck with his tongue. My entire body was trembling with desire. “Oh, God.”
He chuckled softly against my skin. “Not quite.” 

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