Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Facebook Pages for the Zombie Afficionado

Facebook and Zombies!  No, I don't mean that undead state we achieve while clicking on "likes" while viewing photos of people's lunches or yet another video of sleeping walruses.  I'm talking about facebook pages where you can get your fill of zombie art and literature, jokes, and even serious science.  It's not just girl zombie authors who get a little...obsessed?...about their topic, after all.  These guys are serious--and a lot of fun:

ZNN:  ZNN stands for Zombie Newz Network. Where you can find like minded people who love zombie culture! Survival to funny pictures we're you're one stop shop!  Lots of pictures, survival tips, weapons of choice.  I'm always amused when it pops up on my news feed.

Zombies:  Visit us @ - Zombify Yourself @ - Add or promote your own products @ This site is more entertainment oriented--books and movies, products and comics.

Zombie Research Society:  Show your support for the Zombie Research Society, because what you don't know can eat you! This page supports a company that sells, yep, ZRS stuff.  (If you want to trick out your car with stickers for zombie hunting, they have them.)  You can count on this page for zombie videos, pictures, etc., and they have contests and give-aways of their merchandise as well.

Carter Reid:  Carter is a zombie artist and cartoonist and has a bizarre sense of humor, as you might expect.  I enjoy his status updates, and he reminds you when his latest Zombie Nation cartoon is up.

Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse - Catastrophes and Human Behavior: 
Zombies invade Michigan State University in the groundbreaking course “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior"
  Yep, it's a college course about zombies!  Well, not quite.  It's more about how humans behave in a crisis.  However, the students post videos about their own survival experiences.

So, if you don't have enough to waste your time (did I say that out loud?), check out these sites.

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