Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zombie Book and Toy Kickstarter for Older Kids

Here's an interesting project from two creators in Illinois. A hardcover book and plush zombie toy for slightly older kids (or kids at heart.)

Cute "Eight Little Zombies Kickstarter" is looking to raise $10,000 to produce a plush zombie doll/toy and a 40-page hardcover book fashioned after the kid's song Eight Little Monkeys. Except this time it's "Eight Little Zombies rising from the dead. One got shot and lost his head..."

Cute illustrations and idea though I do think they should've offered more incentives at the $5 and $10 range to get more notice. $5 is, well, just a thanks and $10 is an ebook. Or there is a cool T-shirt for $25... 

The book apparently has Illinois references too. Check out the Facebook page.

The toy/book package is $30, $25 off in the Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter ends March 30 at 4:08 Central Time.

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