Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zombie Book Excerpt, Chapter 5, GIRL Z Teen Zombie

I'm going to share a continuing series of quotes/excerpts from GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie by C.A. Verstraete. So here's a little preview...

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Chapter 5:

Carm turned and gawked at me. "I hate to burst your bubble, but even if we find the perfect skin cream, even if we make you up so you're almost as good as before, you still have a problem."
My head tilted, I stared at her in surprise. Okay, so my vision was a bit wonky. Things sometimes seemed crooked or out of whack. I figured it would take a while to correct. "Like what?"
"You must know something's going on. Quit leaning. Look at me straight."
"You sound like Tia now. I am standing straight."
She reached over and tilted my head to one side, then moved it back. My eyeballs pinged around like the inside of a pinball game.
"Hey, why'd you do that?"
She stared at me. "That's the one thing makeup won't fix."
I squinted at her. "Huh? What're you talking about? You lost me."
"Your eyes. Actually, your right eye. It wanders."
The revelation drew me to the mirror, pronto.

I gazed at myself, tilting my head one way and then the other. I turned back to her with a big sigh. "Wow, I really am a freak. Even more than I thought."


Life can suck when you're sixteen. It can suck even worse when you're not-quite-dead.

Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Herrera Hayes faces every teenager's biggest nightmares: bad skin, bad hair, and worse . . . turning into one of the living dead.

Becca's life changes forever when her cousin Spence comes back to their small Wisconsin town carrying a deadly secret—he's becoming a zombie, a fate he shares with her through an accidental scratch.

The Z infection, however, has mutated, affecting younger persons like her, or those treated early enough, differently. Now she must cope with weird physical changes and habits no girl wants to be noticed for.

But time is running out... Most of all, she needs to find something, anything, to stop this deadly transformation before it is forever too late...

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