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#SummerofZombie- Tuesday #Zombie Authors

It's Week 2 of the Summer of Zombie blog tour! 35 authors and more!

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Today's authors and excerpts: 

Tuesday June 9th

PM Barnes Guest Post

When will they die…again?

It’s the question that sparks debates and mini-wars all over the zombie loving community. The question of what will ultimately bring a stop to a zombie outbreak. Will it be the frigid temps of winter that will freeze their rotting flesh solid and prevent them from shuffling after us?  Will the scorching high temps of summer speed up the progression of the already rotting corpses? What about if they don’t eat any people for a while?

We can’t help but debate the possibilities in an attempt to give ourselves a small sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe something other than a bullet to the skull will get rid of the problem that is the undead.

But what if there is no answer? Read the rest….

OUT now poster (1)
Claire C. Riley Guest Post

Why zompoc?

It’s not just the zombies that I like so much, but the apocalyptic world that they choose to roam freely in. Not the death and destruction that they reap, but the life that they are filled with. Or at least, was once filled with.

Why zombies? Because the possibilities are endless, that’s why.

Because zombies open up new worlds to us. If the dead can walk, then what else is out there? What other horrors can exist? Anything. Absolutely anything! Read the rest....

Julianne Snow Guest Post 

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Or At Least What Not to Do…

Julianne Snow

Okay, you’ve made it. You’re still alive, at least for the moment. As you try to make your way through the newly undead landscape, what are the actions you should avoid? What activities are likely going to expedite your demise? There are six major things I believe won’t help you at all. Just six and if you can avoid them, you may just have a chance of surviving. Read the rest...

Justin Coke Guest Post

Guns, guns, guns.  That’s what we all wanted when the dead started biting.  A Colt .45 sold for its weight in gold back then, bullets too. But we quickly learned that guns create more problems than they solve. Ammo is scare, shots are loud, and gunplay often let’s trouble know exactly where to find you.

The experienced survivor learned to appreciate the simpler things in life, like pickaxes and crossbows.  Those weapons are silent and effective, it’s true, but history still has a few things to teach the iPad generation about how to survive in the Wild that they can’t learn at Wal-Mart. Read the rest...

Joe McKinney Guest Post
Walking With Zombies:
A Natural History of Dead World

Author's Headshot

It may sound strange coming from a writer who has made a name for himself with his zombie fiction, but I’ve always found the idea of the dead rising up to eat the living a little ridiculous.

I mean, I love zombies.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love their rotten little hearts.  I have read nearly every zombie book and graphic novel out there.  I’ve watched most of the movies too.  But for as much as I have enjoyed those forays into the land of the dead, I still have a hard time getting behind most of the explanations that are given for why a dead body would suddenly rise up and want to eat me.  I understand that the cannibal dead has been a nearly universal concern for speculative writers, ranging from The Epic of Gilgamesh to the Bible to Freud to Max Brooks, but I’m still not convinced the dead would find me all that appetizing.

Leah Rhyne Guest Post

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