Thursday, June 11, 2015

#SummerofZombie - #Zombie Authors Thursday

Week 2 of the Summer of Zombie Continues! 

Check out today's authors and excerpts. Full posts are  at the DyingDaysZombie blog. (I am adding excerpts here once the posts go up.)

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Thursday June 11 - today's excerpts:

Melanie Karsak Guest Post

10 Tips on Finding Love during the Zombie Apocalypse 

(Forget all you knew before...)

Finding love during a zombie apocalypse can be tricky, but with the right guidance, even you can find a way to make your heart soar while spattered in zombie goo. After all, Glenn and Maggie from “The Walking Dead” perfected the art. In my novel The Harvesting, Layla and Jamie find a way to make things work. What about you? When it all ends, could you find a new beginning? Maybe we can learn some lessons from these war-torn z-poc survivors. But how to you do it? Let’s take a look at 10 ways to find love during the zombie apocalypse:

10) Assume that Warm Bodies was a one-shot deal. Avoid coming on to the undead. Read the rest...

Dave Lund Guest Post

My Personal Favorite Zombie Apocalypse Books or Series
By Dave Lund author of the Winchester Undead series

DaveLund-Headshot-01  This list is my own personal list of favorites.  If your favorite isn’t listed, comment below and tell me why it should have been, I really want to know what your favorite is and why.  Saying the Winchester Undead series is your favorite will result in a virtual high-five, but that the beautiful thing about the ZA genre:  there are a lot of incredible books and series by a large number of authors.  If one series doesn’t capture your imagination, there are many awesome and well written books by many different authors available.

Before I began writing in the zombie apocalypse genre I fell in love with the post-apocalypse genre.  Read the rest…

New short stories - continued!!

  In honor of being a part of this year’s Summer of Zombie blog tour here is a set of short stories written exclusively for the visitors to the tour. They’re from the perspective of one Tony the Zombie and his personal gripes against us humans. Typed out by Greg P. Ferrell because really have you ever seen a zombie use a keyboard, It’s not pretty.

BookCoverImageA day in my dead life!
Chapter 2
By: Tony the zombie

Tony here again and since I’m still stuck inside this room I figured I would talk some more about things that annoy us undead types. Now before I continue I don’t want you to think that I’m just being whiney here. These are things that I think you living people just don’t understand about us. If we have a better understanding of each other than maybe our relationship can me a little better. Nah I’m just kidding we just want to eat you and if you could make it a little easier that would be great. So here we go. Read the rest...

Jaime Johnesee Guest Post
Zombies…. Over?

Jaime blue straight hairI write this post for all those who have asked me if I think the “zombie craze” is over. I’ve been an avid zombie fan since I was a young kid. From Seabrook’s “The Magic Island” –and the movie based on it, “White Zombie”– to Romero’s redefinition of the monster, I love them all. The history of the creature is one that captivated and enchanted me from the age of nine.

Today zombies exist in so many different ways. Fast or slow, Romero type or voodoo, radiation or virus, sentient or vacant, humorous or terrifying each and every subgenre is covered. From Tonia Brown’s gripping zombie western “Skin Trade” to Jeffrey Kosh’s lush gothic tale “Revenant” there is a zombie tale for any reader. Read the rest…

John O’Brien Guest Post

Zombie Fiction:

  Hello there. I’m John O’Brien and I write the series, A New World. My recent release was A New World: Storm.

Storm cover large5What is it about zombie fiction that makes it so popular? I’ve pondered this question over and over. While not yet arriving at a definitive answer, I do have several ideas about it.

First of all, it’s one of the few situations that bring about a downfall of civilization and focuses on a post-apocalyptic world. There are other creatures ─ vampires, werewolves, etc ─ but none of them create quite the same conditions. There is a deep-seated fascination with the post apocalypse that offers the ultimate survival situation. And, it is one of the only ones that is survivable to us ordinary folks. Nuclear devastation and other similar types just aren’t. Each and every one of us can envision themselves in a world filled with roaming hordes of undead and, in that world, we have the capability of surviving. Read the rest…

Dad Bio picEli Constant and B.V. Barr Guest Post  


Thousands upon thousands of articles have been written on the best equipment to buy for the up-coming apocalypse.  We have seen numerous heroes run into stores and fill their packs with equipment before the hoard arrives. But what really works? Hollywood has a unique way of taking the cheapest junk or the latest fade or the biggest backer and making it THE THING to use at the end of the world. But will whatever it is work? Probably not, but it looks sexy and that’s what counts right? WRONG! Read the rest…


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