Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#Zombies, full color? #SummerofZombie Wednesday

#Zombies - black and white or color? 

I like zombies. Okay, I admit, I turn my head at the bloody parts in the movies. I don't like all that gore. I prefer to read where my mind can fill in the blanks. I don't need full color to get a scare.

Many of the movies made are, let's face it, pretty stupid. Bad plots, bad acting, just plenty of ripping, tearing and blood. Lots of blood. I want a story with my horror.

There's something fascinating about a film in black and white. Take White Zombie with Bela Lugosi (1932). You get the suspense and the scare without the sometimes distracting addition of color. You get a tragic story of obsession and terror with a fascinating performance by Lugosi.

Then there is the change from zombies there to do someone's bidding, to the flesh-eating horrors presented in George Romero's  original - Night of the Living Dead (1968). It grossed me out when I first saw it as a kid. Scary, horrible. In later years, I can appreciate the genius behind it.  Again, you get the horror without the distraction of all that blood. It's horrific enough, maybe more so, in black and white. There also is the human element that sticks with you. You empathize with the main character and his struggle to ward off the monsters until the tragic end. A statement on the world? Perhaps. You decide.

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Wednesday June 17

Bonus Post: Books, Beer & Blogsh*t

Stevie Kopas, Author of  The Breadwinner (The Breadwinner Trilogy Book 1)

An intimate interview between villainess extraordinaire, Michelle, and a hot zombie locked away in the east tower found in The Breadwinner Trilogy, by Stevie Kopas.

BONUS Post! Jaime Johnesee's Bob the Zombie talks!! 


Justin Coke Guest Post
Author of Dead Wrangler

The Premise versus the Story: The Creative Problems of the Zombie Apocalypse
          The zombie genre has many problems—problems that become increasingly evident asThe Walking Dead heads into season six.  The writers have done a great job keeping viewers interested in the show as they navigate these issues, but they have often been unable to hide the cracks in the show’s foundation.

          The zombie genre is unique in that it is the only genre of science fiction or horror where the premise undermines the story, and the story undermines the premise.  This inevitable conflict constrains the writer, pushing them along the same well-worn paths traveled by generations of zombie writers. Read the rest…

Shawn Chesser Guest Post
Author of Ghosts: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

  My Top 5 Favorite Zombie Movies

As we all know by now zombies are hugely popular. Turn on the television and start channel surfing and you’re bound to come across a commercial using them to sell BMWs or Sprint cellular service or Doritos. Hell, even a commercial hawking the latest incarnation of Microsoft Windows features Romero type shamblers.

Currently in theaters is Maggie, a film about a dad and his zombie daughter, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. And coming in July is an offering I’m waiting with bated breath to devour—Robert Kirkman’s Fear the Walking Dead, a spin-off of his mega-successful The Walking Dead of which season six is set to start filming soon.  Read the rest...

Eric A. Shelman Guest Post
Author of Dead Hunger VIII: Peace, Love & Zombies

Zombies.  Where do we draw the line? – By Eric A. Shelman
There are a ton of movies and television shows jumping onto the zombie gravy train, and I have mixed emotions about them.

The latest, I, Zombie, is about a girl who works in the medical examiner’s office and is kind of a zombie.  Well, scratch that … she’s a zombie, but she only drops into full zombie mode when things begin to go haywire around her, and she always manages to get out of it before killing someone.

BZZZZZT! Read the rest...

Melanie Karsak Guest Post

10 Fun Things to Do During the Zombie Apocalypse
By Melanie Karsak
I hate in when people in movies act like they have never seen a movie. Everyone knows you should head out the front door rather than going up the stairs. Everyone knows to check the back seat of their car. Everyone knows you should shoot a zombie in the brain. Am I right? Why do characters in movies always act like there is no precedence for the apocalypse? In particular, I hated the scene in Zombieland when the two sisters went to the amusement park. Even if the park was “zombie free,” common sense dictates that zombies will notice lights and sounds blaring in a world otherwise devoid of lights and sounds. Drawing attention to yourself during the zombie apocalypse is just plain stupid, but there are some fun ways to amuse yourself and stay safe at the same time. The residents of Hamletville, the survivors of z-day in my novel “The Harvesting,” have a few suggestions if and when you ever need to know . . . what can I do for fun during the zombie apocalypse? Read the rest...

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