Friday, June 12, 2015

A Zombie Film Weekend

Last weekend, my spouse and I watched Zombeavers. I had seen the trailer for the film a while ago, and I thought it looked fun. I was right.

The plot is simple, the acting passable, and the special effects are just terrible (seriously, the zombeavers look like hand puppets), but the movie made me laugh. A lot. It was just what I needed after a long week—mindless entertainment.

As you may or may not know, I’m a huge fan of anything zombie. I go out of my way to watch anything and everything I can. In my life I’ve only turned off two zombie movies because they were terrible, but Zombeavers was not one of them. I really, truly enjoyed it.

I’m also a fan of creature features, so this promised to fulfil two of my passions. It was low budget, probably ranking below a B film into the D and F range, but it worked. I think my favorite part of the film was the zombie-beaver-bear.

If you’re fine with mindless plots, horrific special effects, and laughs, I recommend this film. I would probably watch it again. I can see it becoming a cult classic.

We also watched Love in the Time of Monsters. This movie was recommended to me on Twitter by Uncle Slavko after I posted about watching Zombeavers.

Like Zombeavers, this movie was completely mindless and had awful special effects. But at the same time, it also had Kane Hodder, who was Jason in several Friday the 13th movies. He was also in Hatchet. That man is so freaking awesome. I really like him, and I think he would be amazing to sit down and talk to. I bet he has incredibly cool stories.

But I digress. We rented the film from Amazon Prime, and we kept having streaming problems. We had to restart several times, which made it really late by the time the film ended. At one point, I fell asleep during it, but I didn’t miss anything. Well, that’s not true, I missed where the zombie squirrels came from, but it wasn’t like it was a huge plot twist or anything.

Other than that, the film was fun. Again, it was kind of a creature feature with zombies, so it appealed to my likes. I wouldn’t watch it again, but I’m glad I experienced it once.

What zombie films have you watched lately?

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