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#SummerofZombie - #Zombie Book Excerpt Wed-Thurs

Summer of Zombie  Wednesday-Thursday!! 

It's Teaser Week! - Read some teaser posts from favorite and soon-to-be-favorite authors' zombie books! (Weds. - Last day to order your T shirt. See link at end.)

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(I am adding excerpts here below once the posts go up.) NOTE: Some books I post here may vary from the blog so be sure to go to the site. You'll still find all kinds of great books to read - some new to you (and me too!) 

(If these are repeated books, I may just add the link) 

Wednesday June 24

Final His Res Ebook Cover Midway

Excerpt from Midway: The Harvesting Series Book 1.5
We had been driving for a few hours, trying the radio with no luck, when we finally came to a fork in the road. We had a choice between two dirt roads. We pulled over and examined the map. The Bronco was low on gas, and the small town that was supposed to be there wasn’t.      Vella’s map was as old as her Bronco. There was no sign of a town or anything else anywhere. I had wanted to get away from people, but I didn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere. Both roads looked equally country. We knew Mama Rosie’s truck wouldn’t be able to make the haul. She’d have to ride with us.
   “Let me go talk her into coming with us,” I said to Vella, opening the door.
   “I can move some stuff and fit her in the back.”
   “It ain’t her fittin’ I’m worried about. What if she won’t leave her snakes?”
   “Convince her.”
   I nodded, and Puck and I hopped out and headed toward Mama’s van.
   When I came to the side of the van, Mama wasn’t in the driver’s seat. She must have gone back to check her snakes. I opened the door and called to her. “Mama Rosie?” 
   She didn’t answer. Read the rest…

Julianne Snow Teaser


An Excerpt from The Dead of Penderghast Manor
Perhaps now would be a good time to explain what actually occurs after death. Death is not completely final. There is something that remains once one’s pulse stops; a consciousness, best described as an afterlife, continues.
    There are a few that escape the eternal box; they’re the faceless, nameless people that you sometimes pass on the streets. The ones that you ignore, or rather, forget to notice. Unlike the Hollywood version of the Zombie mythos, they are unconcerned with consuming living flesh. Their main goal is to find a quiet place to exist until the moment their bodies completely give out.

    In some rare cases, they seek out living companionship and to an extent, respect. Read the rest...

Jay Wilburn Teaser

Dead song book 1 CD Cover Idea-001

Teaser from chapter one of The Dead Song Legend Dodecology 
Book I: January from Milwaukee to Muscle Shoals

Donna Cash tucked her dick away from the front of her sequined dress. She adjusted the wig she had borrowed from the box of supplies left unclaimed by previous drag queens, mostly eaten by zombies in the streets of Milwaukee.
   She took the stage and stumbled on her left platform shoe which threatened to fold under and snap her ankle. Donna stood tall and sexy, but Timothy Janvier was short and had a growing belly. He wore a girdle and high platforms to make the transformation.
   Donna straightened her back and slid her gloved hands down past the full curve of her hips. The fingertips showed through cuts in the satin gloves to reveal the shine of bright red nails against the sequins covering her body. She mixed wine color and slut red polish when she could find them in the ruins of beauty shops to get her signature hue that looked crackled and sexy under crappy propane lights. Beauty shops did not get hit like grocers, liquor stores, and gun shops. She slept in them some nights trying new make-ups until she felt drowsy. Read the rest…

Undead Reg Front Cover 1

The scream that echoed through the apartment was ripe with terror. It tore violently from Kyndra Thornton’s throat as she bolted upright in bed. Her eyes shot open, but she didn’t see the familiarity surrounding her. Her mind told her that she was in mortal danger and her emotions believed it – they convinced her that her cause to be frightened was real. Her jaw throbbed from an old wound, one that brought horrors with it, horrors of a zombie and a crazy woman from her past.
    “It’s okay, honey,” John Daniels said, awakened by her scream. He reached out to comfort her from his side of the bed.
    The hand that came toward Kyndra wasn’t human; the skin was hanging off with puss and blood dripping from the claws at the tip of each finger. She screamed again and lashed out at the hand reaching for her, punching it.

    “Ouch, damn it,” John growled, sitting up and rubbing his bruised hand. “What did you do that for?” Read the rest…

Cemetery Dance 74 Back Cover Ad (1)

My name is Warren Walsh.  My twin brother is Scott.  We’re twenty-seven years old last April 3rd.
    We both have red hair and freckles.  Our facial features are what some might call chiseled.  Square chins, strong jaw lines.  Dimples.  Well-sized noses.  Vivid green eyes.  We’re both 6’5” tall.
    I keep my hair long, usually wearing it in a ponytail; Scott’s hair is about down to the middle of his back.  He wears a full beard and mustache, but I only have a goatee.

    Based purely on our descriptions and birth dates, I suppose at this point it’s not necessary to tell you we’re identical twins. Read the rest…

Thursday June 25


Trying to become one with the massive Douglas fir, Raven squatted and pressed her back hard against its gnarled trunk. With the unpleasant sensation of coarse bark grating her skin through the thin tee shirt she’d thrown on during her hasty retreat from the compound, she strained mightily in the dark to hear anything over her heartbeat and labored breathing.
    Finally, after a few seconds spent listening and probing the dark with her eyes for any signs of movement from the direction of the footpath leading to the grass-covered clearing, she heard twigs cracking and the hollow thuds of plodding, unsteady footsteps.

    Then, seemingly from all around, she heard the ubiquitous rasps—like dried cornstalks rustling in a stiff breeze—of determined first turns on the hunt. Read the rest…

Luke Ahearn Teaser

Cooper felt as if his heart stopped when suddenly he tripped and fell flat on his face. His sister fell on his back. He was pinned down and the zombies were only a few feet from them. Before he could stand, Ellen was screaming and thrashing wildly as she fought for her life. Her screams intensified and he could feel her body getting jerked and pulled about. The only thought running through his mind was no, no, no, no, no. He tried to stand but was pushed back down to the ground by the violent struggle on top of him.
    Then he felt his sister’s body suddenly lifted from his back. His eyes filled with tears as her bloodcurdling screams tore through him. He was desperate to save her even though he knew she was as good as gone.
     Cooper planted his hands flat on the ground and tried to push himself up but he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t even get his chest off the ground. Immediately after his sister’s body left his back, feet were stomping him down. A knee here, a hand there, the dead were surging over his body. They were tripping, falling, and rising again to pursue their kill. His sister’s screams fueled him, and he pushed his muscles to the breaking point but it was no use, the weight of the zombies pressed him flat. It was getting difficult to breathe.   Read the rest...


Zombie Bob's upcoming new adventure!

Here is a sneak peek inside my upcoming novella Bob Meets Sam. I hope you enjoy:

The zombie sang along as he danced and soon he was head-bobbing like an agitated rooster and pointing his finger disco-style. The other patrons watched him with smiles on their faces. Anytime he pointed his finger someone’s way they ducked a little. Bob was well known in Martin’s Bar and folks knew that parts of him had a habit of disengaging from the others.
    As Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son’ replaced AC/DC Bob’s dancing slowed. He still made patrons smile as he did the sprinkler to the CCR hit. Griffin chuckled as he turned his attention back to doing inventory. He kept on counting the liquor bottles, stopping occasionally to watch the zombie get down.
    It was during an unintentionally aggressive disco point to the door that Bob’s hand flew off and toward the entrance. A tall lithe woman with olive skin and dark hair caught the hand midair and smiled.
    “Damn, Bob, you could’ve given me a hug instead of a flying high five.”

    “Hey, Sam! You know me, I love lending a hand.” Bob shrugged. He’d recently gotten over being embarrassed about losing a part or two, it happened more often these days. Read the rest…

Melanie Karsak Teaser


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