Saturday, June 20, 2015

#SummerofZombie Saturday- More #Zombie Books!

Summer of Zombie Saturday!! 

The Zombie Fun Never Ends! More books and authors!

Check out today's authors and excerpts. Full posts are  at the DyingDaysZombie blog. (I am adding excerpts here below once the posts go up.) NOTE: Some books I post here may vary from the blog so be sure to go to the site. You'll still find all kinds of great books to read - some new to you (and me too!) 


Saturday June 20
Greg P. Ferrell Guest Post
Humanity's Hope: Camp H (Volume 1)

What is Humanity’s Hope About?
That is the number one question I get asked almost daily. The easy and short answer is, it’s a tale of surviving a zombie apocalypse but that does not do justice to the story. So I’m going to do the long answer here without giving away any spoilers for the series.

Humanity’s Hope is a story of a girl who is thrust into the center of a war against an overpowering enemy with the goal of dominating the world. The zombies though aren’t that enemy. Zombies are part of the problem she and her companions will have to deal with to get to the bigger problem. They are dangerous and vicious but not the end goal. Read the rest….

Zombies & Philosophy: We are the walking dead

“Don’t open. Dead inside,” a warning spray-painted on a hospital door in the pilot episode ofThe Walking Dead, neatly summarizes the theme and symbolic significance of the zombie movement in contemporary popular culture.  Zombies no longer hunger for brains.  Zombies no longer amble to the mall.  A comet doesn’t transform us into the undead.  When T.S. Eliot wrote, “this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper” (97-98) he was not talking about a zombie apocalypse, but he was talking about agonizing emptiness and loss.  The zombie trend in popular culture addresses this same symbolic significance. The zombie apocalypse results in catastrophic loss: mankind dies. Read the rest…

Jake Bible Guest Post

Zombies: Sometimes the tried and true is what people want
I’ve talked before about how it took me having a completely original idea to get into writing zombies novels (Dead Mech. Read it.). But what about writing straight up, Romeroesque zombie fiction? Is that overdone? Is the genre glutted with these types of novels?
No. Not if they are done right.

I had the good fortune of having my Apex Trilogy (Dead Mech, The Americans, Metal & Ash) published by Severed Press. If you don’t know Severed Press, they are a great small press out of Australia that had specialized in post-apocalyptic and horror novels. They have moved on to other things like sea monsters and kajiu and military space opera, but zombies are their bread and butter. Read the rest…

Joe McKinney Guest Post
Author of The Dead Won't Die
(Preorder - Publishing Sept. 29!) 

Zombies on Film: The Dead and Its Shortcomings
I wanted to love this movie.  I remember watching the trailer and practically salivating over the gorgeous West African scenery, the magnificent makeup and special effects and the potential for substantive commentary on modern Africa and its many woes.  Unfortunately, a weak script put this film in the awkward position of exploiting the very issues on which it is trying to comment.

Written and directed by brothers Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, The Dead was filmed on location in Burkina Faso and Ghana, two regions that have, over the last few decades, seen plague and famine and countless acts of racial atrocity under the guise of civil war.  The setup feels perfect for a zombie film. Read the rest…

 I kind of wish I had saved this article title for a story. That’s a million dollar idea. We try to be fancy about it, but ultimately zombie stories eventually come down to hiding or escaping. The roadtrip story is a common variation on the escape. You are leaving somewhere and going somewhere. Maybe that somewhere is just the hell out of here – the bug out. In a lot of zombie stories, it is that idea of a safe place that might be somewhere I heard about or somewhere I was before that I’m guessing might work. Many a zombie roadtrip has ended in disaster when the promised land turned out to be a zombie infested ruin. I drove across four states to a military bunker and all I got was bitten and this tee shirt. There is something natural about that zombie roadtrip though. Read the rest…


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