Thursday, June 18, 2015

#SummerofZombie Thurs - Different Kinds of Zombies

 ** Summer of Zombie Thursday! **

Much is made of what zombies eat - meaning people and brains... but it wasn't always that way and many authors don't follow those conventions today. Blame George Romero for changing the usual zombified slave (White Zombie, 1932) to the flesh-eating monsters we're most familiar with now.  (Night of the Living Dead, 1968)

Many zombies of today, however, take different forms. Some regain some of their humanity (Warm Bodies); some are fast runners (World War Z); some as in my book, Girl Z: My Life As A Teenage Zombie, are not totally zombie and have a different "diet." Zombies, like the people, they once were, are all different, right? That's one of the reasons that makes reading about them fun - you never know what you'll encounter.

Check out today's authors and excerpts. Full posts are  at the DyingDaysZombie blog. (I am adding excerpts here below once the posts go up.)

Thursday June 18

PM Barnes Guest Post


The first book in the Zombie Seed series is not the usual start point.  We jump in a year after the outbreak and stumble into a community of survivors who are attempting to knit their lives back together.  This is a time where the daily threat of the undead, has taken a back seat to the struggles of rebuilding a community.

What was very important to me was to bring in elements that I wasn’t really seeing in other books from the genre.  I wanted to place a lot of focus on the psychological effects of being tossed into a situation where so much that we rely on has changed. Read the rest…

Immune Zombie–my book!

**My books deal with a woman that is bitten by a zombie and does not turn, instead, she becomes immune. It is a unique concept for me as a writer, but I also wanted it to be intense from the first novelette. In the second book, the reader finds out how the apocalypse got started and what Cherise, the main character has to look forward to. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this short series because I enjoy zombie flicks. Read the rest…

Luke Ahearn Guest Post
Author of Transformation: Book Two of the Euphoria-Z Series

Apocalypse Breath, Worse Than Morning Breath
Health issues as fodder for a post-apocalyptic author?
I often think about what would happen to a person’s health during a zombie apocalypse. Not just their hygiene, but their health. After a few days hair will be dirty, unshaven parts will be stubbly, breath will reek, and BO will be off the charts. And that’s just hygiene. I am talking real health issues here. How fast would our health decline, both physically and mentally? What’s it really like to be sick in such a dismal circumstance? Does it matter in fiction? Obviously there is no right or wrong answers, it’s what’s best for the story.

This aspect of an apocalypse is the scariest to me personally. I’ve had to deal with illness in the most uncomfortable situations a few times. It can range from being a miserable and lonely experience to a frightening and depressing one. I’m sure everyone has some incident where they can relate to these feelings. This topic is a goldmine for the writer looking for another cruel thing to throw at their characters. Read the rest…

Claire C. Riley Guest Post
Author of Odium III: The Dead Saga

ODIUM III The Dead Saga
 In this life, nothing is simple…not even DEATH
 In the third instalment of the Odium series, having distanced herself from Mikey, Nina is on a mission. She’s seeking a woman who could be the answer to all their problems…or just another nightmare made reality.

Travelling alongside Nova, the two women are faced with countless threats and inexplicable circumstances…just another day in the land of the dead.

But Nina is changing, feeling the strain of this life, and beginning to rethink the choices she’s made and the woman she’s become. New allies will be forged on this road of self-discovery, bonds will be broken, and old enemies will resurface. Nina will be forced to make a decision that could have devastating consequences. Read the rest…

Jay Wilburn Guest Post


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