Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting that book out there

Busy writing and trying to get some things finished this week, so the blogging has cut back a little. But here are a few things I was thinking of while checking out some other author blogs. Yeah, sorry, every now and then I have to share something on the boring mechanics and things related to writing. 

Writing and promoting is a funny thing. Yes, it seems we all promo to each other. And with all of us crying out "buy my book!" (or maybe just crying?), yeah, it gets overwhelming, crowded, crazy... who can really buy every book they see? (Well, Facebook's Zuckerberg has his own book club now and lots of $$$. Not a zombie reader, though.)

So what does an author do other than pound their head on the desk?


  Fellow zombie book author Angela Scott had some funny suggestions on her blog.  The balloons can be an interesting idea, however, I always cringe at balloon launches since the strings and latex can be a hazard to animals and birds. Yeah, call me a killjoy.

So, what else?

Goodie bags for events. But... do you really keep all that stuff? I have a bunch of bookmarks I save but I've started to using magnetic page bookmarks. There's an idea that's probably a keeper. They're handy and easier to use.  Nothing like dropping a book and the paper bookmark falls out.  But... I so far have only found DIY ideas. That can work.... for a limited amount. 

So something cool - I saw somewhere in my search that another author was giving away a book face watch. I've seen all kinds of book-related things but this was useful! Too bad Walgreens photo products only had a wall clock so have to do some checking around. Zazzle had some crazy prices like $40-$50 for a personalized watch face. I don't think so. (Well, the only good-priced ones I found so far seem to be in Hong Kong. Of course, all our watches are probably already made there and in China anyway. Is it worth trying it out?  Not sure...) 

Conferences. Do they work? I'm not sure. People gab and hang at the bar. A few books get sold, and I bet mostly for the guest speaker.  It can be an expensive way to get your name around. 

In my case, specialized events - zombie related. I'm going to try some out. Will they work? Well, all I can say is we'll see. 

If you have any better ideas, feel free to post a comment. We all are looking for new things to try. Or share what's worked for you.

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