Thursday, February 12, 2015

#Zombie #Horror #Mystery Book News

An assortment of things for this week's  Zombie-Horror-Mystery Book News! 

 Coming Soon! Jaime Johnesee's famously fun series featuring Bob the Zombie (like The Misadventures of Bob the Zombie) has a new adventure! 

In BOB MEETS SAM,  Bob joins forces with the charming werepanther Sam.
FBI intrigue set in the supernatural world, with this first official crossover of her 'Bob the Zombies' and the 'Shifters' series. (And once again, super cool cover art by Jeffrey Kosh Graphics.)

Releasing tomorrow, "lucky" Friday, Feb. 13! Fellow author Courtney Mroch has a new paranormal book coming out!  (And cool cover!)

In The Ghost of Laurie Floyd, Megan believes Andrew Kirkpatrick and Matthew Horne may know. Both are attorneys at the firm who have an interest in more than just Megan’s work product. She finds herself drawn to Andrew and repulsed by Matthew, but can she trust her instincts? She joined the firm to work, not to solve a murder or fall in love. Both seem to be happening anyway. If she’s not careful, her job and her heart won’t be the only things she stands to lose. The book was an Amazon Breakthrough Award quarter-finalist.

  In the mystery area, BIG Congrats go to fellow Intrigue authors, Jeff Markowitz, author of Death and White Diamonds  and Annie Alexander, author of Retributionwho won Lovey Awards at the recent Love is Murder mystery conference!!  


 If you recall, my book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie won for best Paranormal-Sci Fi last year. The award is for recently published books in the award year.  

Anthology (and Zombie) News: 

The Baby Shoes Anthology, featuring flash fiction stories by 100 authors, has funded its Kickstarter! It'll be a great assortment, including a yes, different kind of zombie story by me. Stay tuned for details!

GIRL Z Story News: 

**I have some news, too! Yay!  I'm finishing up a new GIRL Z short story, with some zombies and a mystery. This time, Becca and her cousin are tracking down some lost dogs when Becca's new puppy runs off and goes missing. 

And.... a GIRL Z prequel short story is in the works! This time I'll be sharing about Spence - the cousin who accidentally infected Becca with the Z virus... It's almost done!  Stay tuned!

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